Online classes and small group classes are available. Send an email if interested!

Note: Other classes will be added if 5 or more people express interest. More classes to come in the near future.

Little Rockin’ Yogis: Ages 3-4

Our youngest yogis will experience yoga through themed classes which incorporate imaginative stories, games, and begin exploring poses. We will focus on strength, balance, and breathing while increasing flexibility. These activities will also promote growth of sensory and motor development which will help their attention, language, coordination, body awareness, and self regulation.

Young Rockin’ Yogis: Ages 5-7

In this playful class, children will experience yoga though themed classes which incorporate imaginative stories, games, and explore yoga poses according to each childs ability. Children will build confidence, flexibility, and strength of both their body and mind in this energy releasing class.

Rockin’ Yogis: Ages 8-10

Children will experience yoga by challenging themselves with more advanced poses and flows which will be done individually, with partners,and in groups. They will have the opportunity to reflect in their personalized journals in the beginning and at the end of every class. These classes focus on self and body awareness that improves strength, flexibility, coordination, confidence, as well as focus on breathing and relaxation techniques.

Warrior Rockin’ Yogis: Ages 11-13

Children will experience yoga through more complex yoga poses. In a fun and challenging way your warrior will learn the importance of technique as well as mind and body awareness.

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